Sunday, 27 November 2011

Fun with Fimo.

I made these buttons after discovering some Fimo (oven bake modelling clay) I have no idea why I origianally bought it but it is now about six years old!
I used a rolling pin to flatten the clay out, inbetween two rulers to keep the thickness uniform,Then used a big mandala stamp to give it texture, I cut out my favourite parts with a little circle cutter. After baking them I added colour to the texture and used a great product called Tripple glaze. It gives them a nice ceramic like finish.

I recently ordered some moo cards from they have a fantastic range of products, I used them as packaging for the buttons, so each unique set of buttons has a unique card to go with it.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

An old friend....

I used to do a lot of stamping a few years ago, then became tired of paper crafts, so my rubber stamps got put away. These past couple of months I have been playing around with printing and so I ventured into the loft to retrieve my stamps, most are no longer my style but i did have fun with a butterfly one, using blank parcel tags and handmade paper, I made some simple and pretty things for my shop.Here is a link to the paper craft:- 
I will be doing more of this kind of crafting as I got to spend some time with my little girl, we had lots of fun apart from an exploding bottle of glitter glue but we wont go into that.