Thursday, 7 June 2012


Yes, I'm still alive.

The Sproggit and I had a go at marbling, I have to say that even though I only have a short post about it we really were quite obsessed about it and produced at least a hundred pieces of beautiful paper over a week or so trying different techniques. The example below was our first attempt. We watched plenty of tutorials on You Tube this one is our favourite, its quite long but the end result is pretty amazing.

Anyway, here is our first one, I had a kit which I bought years ago, I dont think it cost much, maybe ten pound. It came with water thickener and a few inks in a nice box. The only downside to paper marbling is that to get the best water you need to mix the solution the night before.

We didnt flick the ink into the water at first, we just let it drip in. We added more and more ink until the surface was pretty much covered.

 As you can see, the colours we got in our kit were full on but we later experimented with kids poster paint mixed with a bit of water to make it drippy. That worked well especially with the flicky method.
 Nextly we got a cocktail stick and had fun dragging the ink around. flower shapes are easily made by pulling the ink into the centre. This effect works best when you keep putting the ink inside the previous drip to form rings.
Here is our finished piece. Yes. this really is our first try. Now you can see why we ditched the camera and just got stuck in. Much fun was had.

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