Saturday, 17 November 2012

New line!

I think we all know by now that I am horrible at blogging. I just cant do it regularly. I have recently set up a Facebook page though,  I am VERY SLOWLY getting followers, so if you feel like making someones day, go here and 'like' me pleeease.

I will still be using this blog though, just as a place to link back to when I have something too big to say.

Today I received my shipment of zippers, Lots of colours and sizes. EXCITED!

Here is what I did with my first zip............ ( sorry for the blurry photos, no flash and daylight is in short supply right now)
I gathered my supplies, some funky fabric for the outer, bright Orange zip, sew on interfacing (light) and some vintage fabric for the liner.

Nextly, I cut two rectangles for the outer, two for the liner and four of the interfacing,
I sewed the interfacing onto the linings and outers...................
I made some zipper end covers by folding little pieces of fabric in half and tucking the ends under, then slotting the zipper in and pinning.
Added two little lines of stiching......
Made a zipper sandwich,
Pinned the linings and the outers to each other, then sewed (almost) all the way round
Made a big fabricy mess turning it out the right way but eventually...................................
Ta - Dah!!
It's not perfect (so am keeping it) but I learnt from it, I made another straight away with longer zip covers and only put interfacing on the outers. Its beautiful and will be in my shop soon along with many more if I can bear to part with them.

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