Sunday, 7 August 2011

Disappearing nine patch

I have had some groovy fabric called Doodlebugs for a while now, I bought five fat quarters, they have sat on my shelf nicely folded, calling to me, I get them down every now and then, admire them, put them back.
I wanted to make a quilt from them but was stuck for a pattern. The design is bright and bold so I needed a block to match. I love the disappearing nine patch so thought maybe that could work, but what about..................really big nine patches?
The disappearing nine patch is a very a sly block, once put together it looks like you have done some thing very complicated but the concept is very simple and the way you set your blocks out changes the way your quilt will look.

To make a disappearing nine patch just arrange nine squares into three rows of three. Once happy with your arrangement sew your squares into strips, press the seams then sew your strips together press again.

Mine were flippin huge!

Now fold them in half one way, then the other. Cut along the crease marks to make four new patches made up of four different pieces of fabric. See, I told you it was easy!

Now play with these pieces until you find a pattern that you like, or no pattern, Whatever floats your boat. My fat quarters only made eight blocks so I have added a ninth one in the middle which I have sewn a heart on. (well, actually I'm lying i havent sewn any blocks together or stiched the heart on but you get the idea)
And actually, they wont be positioned like this either as i have made it too samey on one side.

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