Monday, 29 August 2011

Note book covers.

I ventured into my loft a few days ago to look for a book and came back down with three unfinished crochet blankets. shocking. I decided that I really should finish them so have been crocheting like mad to get them done, the one I'm focusing on will be lovely but it's big and not "airy" so will take a while, cant wait to post it!

 I went to my friend Sara's house the other day as she wanted to buy some fabric from my Etsy shop......... , (please come and visit its been real quiet because of the hurricane) She bought a couple of fat quarters to have a go at making note book covers with them.

She has written about it in her blog so i'm going to be totally lazy and post some pics here, Well, its my fabric so why not.

Here's a link to her blog, She is crazy about crafts like me, I'm so glad I have finally found someone who understands me, My boyfriend is really bad at looking interested. Love you sara! x


  1. That's so sweet! We are like peas and carrots! Xxx ps need some more material x.

  2. Yeah, okay, as long as I can be the carrots. not keen on peas x

  3. I so adore these colourful fabrics.

  4. I am crazy about them too, check out my etsy shop, i sell by the yard and fat quarters too! x