Monday, 2 April 2012

'Rag rug' for the munchkin.


I have been gone for ages huh? Well, I'm just starting a new project so thought it was a good time to return.

Last year we decorated my daughters bedroom, it was a "don't know if we are having a boy or a girl green with a hint of stupid enough to send your boyfriend to the shop to buy a second tin for the second coat and then be amazed at his terrible attempts at covering up his mistake by swapping the little stickers on the tin rather than go get the right one." you know, real yucky.

So we made it all Pink and pretty, used cupboard paint and made panels with the left over wall paper for the built in cupboards that were there when we moved in. It's now the nicest room in the house and
I am jealous as my room is dull and basically where we keep piles of laundry in various states. That room is my next big project but anyway, I have digressed.

I have been looking for a rug for her room as she can now play in there quite happily without getting a migraine, but they are soooo expensive! So I have decided to make her a crochet one, out of raw strips of material. I wanted the colours to be strong and not lots of little prints and colours so have not used scraps but inexpensive flat sheets from a large supermarket. I use these a lot for quilt backs if I cant find what I need in a charity shop, you can get a king size for as little as £6 and they are HUGE. so great value considering the average price for cotton is £12 a metre.

I set to work making the sheets into strips, cutting not quite to the end of the sheet one way, then doing the same back the other way, so that you can cut the sheet into one continuous strip. (yeah I am pants at explaining things but this is not a tutorial) First I tried making it into a ball, quite pretty and quick to do, the second sheet I wound round a toilet roll, not so pretty so went back to the ball method.

Next, I took my nice and chunky crochet hook and made myself a teeny chain, joined the ends together, then began to single crochet followed by a chain stitch into the circle I had formed. I did several rounds of sc and ch, it took a while to get the feel for this, you need to keep it loose, if you don't, your next round will be difficult, after pulling each loop through I  pulled extra through just to make sure and so my rug didn't turn into a bowl.  When I wanted to change colour I just cut the strip off, tied on the new colour and carried on, don't worry about the knot, because you are doing this nice and loose you have a you will be able to poke the knot through to the underneath of the rug later. This is after about eight rounds....................
Nothing too spectacular yet, but I will keep you posted on my progress for this, I will just keep going until I get bored or run out of fabric. not sure which will be first right now.

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  1. That's awesome Chilli... Rocking idea what I might actually have to steal. And I tink the loo roll is pure class.