Monday, 9 April 2012

Wax crayon print.

Today we tried wax crayon printing, the munckin drew a design on some fairly fine sandpaper, I went over any bits that were not very bright.

We put some card inside an old white school T-shirt, placed the picture face down and put a scrap piece of fabric on top, we set the iron to cotton and moved it slowly over our picture. after a couple of sneek peeks to check it had transfered enough we removed the sandpaper, put the fabric back on and ironed for a bit longer. aparently this heat sets it but its then reccomended that it goes in the tumble dryer for twenty minutes. but I dont have one.

I am rubbish at photography so the print looks a bit pale but it actually came out much brighter than above. These T-shirts are two for three pound in supermarkets and the crayons and sandpaper we already had at home, so this was a great inexpensive craft and she cant wait to wear her creation tomorrow!

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